Datnoid Tigerfish

Our Mission

We are a bunch of fish enthusiasts that are into Tiger Fish. From the monstrous Goliath Tiger Fish (in Africa Congo), to the impressive looking Oscar Tiger Fish, and the Datnoid Tiger Fish (either the Indonesian, Siamese or American Tiger Fish).

Our goal in setting up this site We setup this website is to bring together the facts and latest news from these different fish species that are known commonly as Tiger Fish. We hope to bring together like-minded people to share their own experiences and at the same time learn from each other. Feel free to browse our pages and contact us. If you are in a hurry why not join our mailing list (see below) and come back again real soon.

What's New?

You can also check out this Squidoo Lens that focuses more on the Goliath Tiger Fish. Enjoy. 
An incredible video of Siamese Tigerfish (ST) eating of all things Crayfish, you can even hear the crunchy sound effects. To see more videos like this, check out our Datnoid Tiger Fish Videos Page 


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We spend lots of time searching the web for Datnoid related info and we thought we'll save you all the time spent by gathering the best info under a unique niche website. Please do visit our growing photos gallery and videos gallery, and do support us by giving us your valuable feedback.  

Our approach is to have the forum to grow our Datnoids lovers community, any new and interesting facts or myths from the forum will be updated  as info pages on our website as an updated repository of information on Datnoids.

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